Chromecast Ultra

Google’s Chromecast Ultra app is an inevitable move in T V technology, streaming up 4 K Ultra HD & HDR picture quality to your WI Fi network HDMI port, provides faster and reliable performance. It is same as that of its update version of 2015, but the biggest addition is the voice search and it is the only current streamer supporting 4K HDR videos on You Tube and Netflix with voice commands such as, “Show me 4K movies”.

You can easily transit it from an app on mobile device to your TV with Chromecast Ultra with the simple tap of cast iron and enjoy smoother videos, deeper colour and the best picture quality possible. It automatically optimizes your content whether your TV is 4K or HD. Apart from 4K enabled apps such as, Netflix and You Tube, with Chromecast Ultra you can browse over 200,000 TV shows and also movies, plus 30 million songs, games, sports, radio and a lot more. So it is the best resolution available in streaming land.

As Chromecast is exclusively controlled via iOS, Android or Chrome, so it means that you should have your tablet, phone or laptop open at all times. Ultra is an affordable smart TV upgrade, if you don’t mind having your laptop or mobile device around to cast from.

It is one of the best bargains found in town to stream in 4K Ultra HD with HDR and a perfect purchase, pricing at $70, the cheapest smart TV device which is super small, cheap and of super high quality and the only device streaming 4K and HDR content and with more streaming apps the value of Ultra will rise in near future.

Widest HDR support available
Supports You Tube HDR
Simple and affordable 4K streaming
Intuitive interface and setup
$30 Cheaper than its competitor Roku Premier
Excellent video quality
Compatible with most popular streaming devices
4K streaming works great over Wi-Fi and Ethernet
No Amazon video
Requires a smart phone, tablet or laptop to use
Cross platform search still mediocre
No remote