Changhong’s H2 Smartphone

For the first time in human history, Changhong’s H2 smartphone to be launched this year, which will allow consumers to scan materials with the advanced sensor in the device. It is the world’s first smartphone which is equipped with molecular scanner and can determine the chemical compositions of the materials in front of it.

With the collaboration of Consumer Physics and ADI, Changong has worked closely to miniature the SCiO sensor in the H2 smartphone which allows consumers to scan and receive insights of the underlying chemical composition and properties of things such as of liquids, foods and medication.

This smartphone enable you to improve the personal wellness by allowing it’s users to determine quality of products. you can check on the product authenticity, as per the company’s statement. It’s software help in to find out the amount of proteins, fats, calories and carbohydrates and even the concentration of cocoa in chocolates etc. You can choose the healthy diet in just one scan now.

As compared to other smartphones, Changhong H2 is 20 % more energy efficient with a six-inch high resolution screen with 2.0 GHz and 8- core CPU. As it is equipped with SCiO material sensing technology, there is a tiny near-infrared spectrometer that emits light and records reflection, sending the information to the cloud to analyse.

The details of pricing of the new device will be released later this month and it is said that the integration of the SCiO technology will bring shock in the applications market. The concept behind the health measurements will boost its users to live a more healthy life in a revolutionary way.

Changhong will be great success in the variety of mobile applications using SCiO sensor. This smartphone will are only the leap forward in the most common smart device in the world.