apple nike+ watch

Two of the world’s most innovative brands, Apple and Nike have joined hands to launch Nike+ , a sports watch. It can prove to be your perfect running partner by connecting your partners through Nike+ Run Club and is very comfortable on your wrist. Packed with excellent features like built-in GPS, easy to read metrics and waterproof upto 50 meters this watch can prove to be one of the best watches you will have if you run. Some other features of the watch are given below :-

The GPS can easily track your pace, distance and route even if you are not carrying along your iPhone. The display is the brightest made by Apple which makes the metrics easy to read no matter how bright the sun shines. Nike+ is water resistant upto 50 meters which means you can take a post run dip in the pool as well. The Nike Sports Band reduces weight and improves ventilation. The watch boldly displays the time in both digital and analog styles. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in running, Nike+ Run Club app is always there if you want to improve your running. In this app, there will be expert guidance and motivation of many other runners which will help you in going farther and faster.

With Nike+ watch you can have a clear view of your most important data in one place. By swiping it you can get more details of your run. You will always have a reason to run when you will see the reminders of your friends shared activity and your own running record and compare them. Nike+ watches allows you to share your latest run with friends. You can join them on leader boards and also give them a virtual fist bump as a token of thanks for inspiring you. You can use the run scheduler to set and remind you of upcoming runs so that you don’t forget running by any chance.

The watch will be made available on 28th October. The price of the watch has not been announced yet.