Amazon Echo is much more than a speaker. It has a personal assistant named Alexa which is  versatile. Alexa can do everything from controlling your lights to tuning your guitar. Here are few things which can be done by Amazon Echo.

1. Smart Home Control

Amazon Echo can control a wide range of connected home devices. You have to equip Alexa with a new skill. You can do so by going to skills>categories>smart home to search for your device. Once you are done you can ask Alexa to “discover devices” and command her.

2. Set up traffic updates

If you tell Echo your place of work you can get traffic reports for your commute. For doing so open the Alexa app, go to settings>traffic , enter your work address, along with any relevant waypoints along the route.

3. Link your calendar

Echo has the ability to tell you what events and appointments are coming up. For connecting your Google calendar go to settings in Alexa app tap calendar>Google calendar>link Google calendar account.

4. Tune in to your favorite radio station

Echo does not have an FM reciever but integrates with TuneIn to provide access to large number of radio stations over the internet.

5. Alexa, tell me a story

You can build up a library of audible audiobooks and ask Alexa to narrate them.

6. Connect your Spotify account

If you have a Spotify premium account, the Echo can stream music from there by simply linking it in the Alexa app under settings>music & media.

7. Get shopping

Echo makes it easy to order items from Amazon. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can enable voice purchasing with the Alexa app.

8. Enjoy games

In the skills library, under games, trivia & accessories, you’ll find many games you can play with Alexa, including quizzes, bingo, and blackjack.

9. Order a takeaway

You can install the skill and link it to your JustEat account to order dinner without any effort.

10. Upgradations

There are regular software upgradations in Echo and you can check them by going to try>what’s new? in the Alexa app.

Let us hope this device gets a good market.