The Japanese automaker Toyota revealed a spunky off roader-FT-4X concept. The dual colour will surely be a new thing for consumers to find on SUV. According to Toyota the bright orange and white SUV ‘lite’ is the first vehicle to capitalise on what it calls the ‘Casual core’ lifestyle.  This SUV was Unveiled at the New York Auto Show in Wednesday. Toyota took the roads to new revolution of enthusiasts off the beaten path.  If you look closely, you will find the looks reassembles to historic Toyota off-roaders like the LJ-series land Cruiser but the design is advanced than retro look.

Toyota’s concept for designing is to provide the customer with ultimate advanced and useful features.  For the love of travel- a demographic applications has been given so you can connect your smartphone with the application that will ensures that your trip to find your directions.

Kevin Hunter, President of Toyota’s Calty Design Research Inc. gave his statement in Newport Beach, California. “We focused on how a crossover vehicle can add fun and value to casual adventures both in and out of the city, thinking about how someone would use it, and what they would love to do with it,”

This SUV is equipped with four cylinder engine that assures you power and make it your ideal partner for adventure trip. The suspension of this SUV is built very steady and is capable of traversing on numerous types of terrain. The rear hatch has interesting feature, it can opens both vertically and horizontally for convenience and an uninhibited view from the rear. Of the hatch doors holds different role, one has a heater and the other contains a small refrigerator.

The FT-4X is combined with GoPro camera and removable and interchangeable panels to enable customisation as desired. Also this SUV features the section in its cabin to enable all-weather protection and water resistance.

The interior features of FT-4X are really fascinating; door has double water bottles holder. In the centre console arm rest of the driver you can smartly folded and keep your sleeping bag. You will get many open closed storage spaces through the cabin. The floor-covering around the rear passenger seats are mud-proof and waterproof, giving adventurers somewhere warm to dry off. You can remove the interior lights and can be used as flashlights. To provide you easy handling the tailgate is completely designed flat for easier loading and to double as seating when parked.

The Toyota FT-4X will surely be double treat for a city inhabitant with edge to adventure on the weekends.

Lets have a closer look at Toyota FT-4X