Toyota Prius car’s high geared and super fast steering, comprised of multi feature safety packages, powered with automated pre-collision warning and braking, has achieved a five star rating when it comes to safety.

Manufactured by Toyota, Prius is embedded with comprehensive features and the testing version is equipped with the technology of ‘Toyota Safety Sense’ which enables to recognize pedestrians and also avoid contact with them. It’s in built safely designed feature is there to support your awareness and also decision making on the road.

Toyota Prius unveiled at the 2016 New York Auto Show has the efficiency of 85.5 Kmpl, is improvised with technological enhancements like automatic shutting radiator vents, solar roof along with it a drag coefficient as low as 0.24. It is not a compact car like Sedan, but a mid size hatchback electric, hydrogen and plug in swooping up Toyota’s kingdom.

The sweeping new shapes with central driving data display on the dash and the less oppressive colors makes Prius really very pleasant, with the seats mounted 55mm lower in the car provide extra comfort and are praiseworthy.

But Toyota has admitted the drive of the Hybrid CVT is not all that pleasant, if you want to drive fast, the problem is with the battery and the meatier motor as both are lighter than before. It’s not a driver’s car, but its less tiring for you to pilot.