BMW’s upcoming full-size SUV – the X7 has been spied wearing its production bodywork for the first time, offering a glimpse at the size and condition of the German marquee’s Range Rover and Mercedes GLS rival.

Test espadrille spotted by our secret agent photographers is still intensely disguised and wears lots of masking, so while it’s difficult to make out several of the lines and smaller design characteristics, it’s easy to identify the slats of the trademark BMW kidney bumper grille at the front.

The last go through the X7 was quite different – the previous round of secret agent shots being of a 7 Series wearing visible ballast to simulate the weight of the X7.

These new pictures show the X7 is surrounding up to be as large as promised. The X7 luxury SUV is a result of arrive in 2018, after the front-runner 4×4 was teased saving in a strategic declaration from the brand.

Speaking at the motor Show in March, THE CAR AG potential director Ian Robertson declared the X7 “won’t arrive this yr or next, but really well through the enlargement phases. He added: “There’s very little similarity to the X5, so it’s no extended wheel-base X5. It is extremely different – we wanted it to have its own personality. ”

Robertson also said on the new SUV’s luxury appeal: “We can make a higher luxury version than it as well. Thus in the same manner as you take a 7 Series and you bring in the person bespoke service as with Rolls Royce.

In the new strategic statement released in mid-March, BMW says “After leading the superior segment for more than ten consecutive years, the BMW brand is now poised to boost its spot on a sustainable and most fundamental at the top end of its product assortment, where rates of go back are at their uppermost”.