Rolls-Royce’s cars got cheaper by up to INR 1 Cr in India
Rolls-Royce’s cars got cheaper by up to INR 1 Cr in India

Rolls-Royce’s in India have come up with price cut between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 55 lakh, depending on the model. The line-up model includes the Ghost, Dawn and Wraith that tags the range between Rs 4.37 crore to Rs. 5.7 crore.  Rolls-Royce’s have decided give the benefit with its recently introduced limited Black Badge editions at Rs 4.93 crore for the Ghost Black Badge and Rs 5.28 crore for the Wraith Black Badge.

These price cuts are expected to further increase sales volumes, as it gives them an added edge over other European luxury car manufacturers. Overall, the super-luxury car market is expected to grow in the next couple of years with most companies sharing positive sentiments about GST and its operation.

The major reason behind the high-end British exotics to cut down the prices is also due to the sharp failure in Pound’s value by 20%. Also the tax on cars estimated over INR 2 crore has gone up and is gradually getting in the way of sales growth. Importers are expecting strong sales this year now by this price cut move.  the companies based in the UK but it’s also true for carmakers who charge in the British currency. Rolls-Royce’s has to lower the prices also cause carmaker like Italy’s Ferrari has also slashed prices for their cars between 5 to 15 percent in order to increase the customers in the auto market.

Mr Sharad Kachalia, Director at Navnit Motors that sources Rolls-Royce and Ferrari cars in India, said that “We are looking at a much stronger year for the overall supercar market, for imports manufactures,”

Below is a price listing for Rolls Royce India’s current line-up.

Model Old price New price Difference
Dawn Rs 6.25 crore Rs 5.7 crore Rs 55 lakh
Ghost SWB Rs 4.5 crore Rs 4.37 crore Rs 13 lakh
Wraith Rs 4.7 crore Rs 4.69 crore Rs 1 lakh
Ghost EWB Rs 4.9 crore Rs 4.86 crore Rs 4 lakh
Wraith Black Badge Rs 5.28 crore
Ghost Black Badge —- Rs 4.93 crore —-