Honda Brio

Honda Brio is an awesome small car to have , It is powerful , good on fuel and very comfortable to ride. With a 86 Bhp, 1.2 CC engine it is the most powerful car in small car segment . Design of the car is unconventional and it is up to viewer to judge whether it is to be liked or not , As per my perception it is a new age design and should be admired.

Honda Brio

Driving Experience :

Seats are very comfortable especially front seats, Driver can drive for a long distance without any discomfort .

Steering is feather touch and haven’t ever driven a car with so light steering . Gear box like steering is also quite smooth but can be sometimes finicky . If we shift the driver seat backwards , i noticed driver needs a very long hand to reach the gear rod  to shift the gear (Could be problematic for some drivers).

Acceleration is smooth and seems honda have done improvisations with gearbox with some kind of gear governor , Brio can be very powerful  where you can take the curves at high speed.

Interiors and Exteriors :

The front has a slightly cab forward design and the bonnet is pretty small.The rear hatch is completely glass and has fabulously designed tail lamps on either side. Brio co

Seats are very comfortable especially front seats , if we go in exploring rear seats legroom space is little tight but not as much as viewable from outside , I am 6ft tall and was able to sit comfortably.  Brio has hybrid electric console with Analog speedometer and Digital Mileage, fuel indicator.