Lotus Exige Race 380

At the nick of the time, there can’t be many people for whom the lotus Exige 380 just isn’t quite tremendous enough. Yet, for those truly focused on the cause, there’s now this: the Exige Contest 380.

Clue’s in the name really, this Exige designed to compete in the Lotus Cup as well as “an amount of club-man championships”. Appropriately it isn’t road legal and comes with a host of Motorsport components including an 6 speed sequential, adjustable Ohlins shocks and AP Racing braking.

While power is unrevised from the Sport, the Race 380 features a variety of tweaks to not only drop the dry weight to 998kg but also to accomplish a 1: 3. 5 second lap of Hethel – the most effective Exige lap ever. The windows are plastic, the seat and intake pods are carbon and the airbag is gone. Take note as well the engine cover, now an “ultra-lightweight carbon fiber motorsport specific louvered tailgate panel”.

Aero tweaks include a new front splitter, that big rear wing, additional ports front and rear plus a new grille to aid circulation through the engine bay; Lotus statements 240kg of down force at 170mph, 100kg more than the road car. The ultra-lightweight forged wheels use Michelin Cup 2 tires, a cassette type LSD is operated by co2 paddles behind the tyre and the Lotus grip control is finely flexible from the inside too. In case the pictures hadn’t suggested it, this is a nice serious racing car.

Jean-MarcLotus Exige Race 380 Dermatose describes the Exige 380 as “a peerless competition car made to conquer the best”. Certainly it will be one way to show up quite a whole lot at a track day. The mean machine is available to buy now.

Specifications :-

PERFORMANCE 6-speed sequential 
Max power 375 hp at 6700 rpm (380 PS) (280 kW)
Max torque 302 lbft at 5,000 rpm (410 Nm)
0-60 mph 3.2 seconds
0-100 km/h 3.3 seconds
Max speed 170 mph (274 km/h) – gearing dependent
Power to weight ratio 375 hp/tonne (380 PS/1000kg)
Aerodynamic downforce at max speed 240 kg
Dry weight 999 kg