Mercedes Benz A class SEDAN

The auto giant Mercedes-Benz is working on the next generation of the compact car range, with the first model to arrive to be a redesigned A-Class hatchback. We can be expecting the new model to make its premiere in late 2017 or first half of the 2018.

According to a record, Mercedes sees room for another sedan in their compact car range.According to a record, Mercedes sees room for another sedan in their compact car. The automaker already sells the CLA but Auto car reviews that an A-Class car is brewing. Interestingly, the British publication claims the new sedan will be positioned above the CLA but below the C-Class. Think of it as a roomier but less sporty substitute for the CLA.

Mercedes is yet to make mention of plans for another small sedan but car’s resources suggest the car could maintain showrooms before the end of 2018. Development is tipped to take place at the new plant in Mexico where Mercedes will produce vehicles alongside models from Infinity. If accurate, it means the A-Class sedan should be sold in the United States. Other creation locations are said to be plants in China and Hungary.

Underpinning Mercedes’ next-generation compacts will be a latest version of the current MFA or Modular Front-drive Architecture platform. Termed as MFA2, the updated program will bring weight cost savings plus greater capacity for alternative drive trains. A expanded version with this platform will underpin another B-Class, a new SUV rumored to be called the GLB, and, most likely, the A-Class sedan.

Rivals will incorporate the Acura ILX, Audi A3 and Mercedes’ own CLA. BMW has also just launched a 1-Series sedan, though this is exclusive to the Oriental market. You will find a rumor the Cadillac is also planning a compact sedan, one with rear wheel drive.