fisker EMotion electric car

Fisker Inc., a electronic car company is going to launch its first electric luxury sports sedan. Henrik Fisker had unveiled the design and specifications of its upcoming addition EMotion. This car will be loaded with 400-mile range from electric battery and 161 MPH top speed. The batteries of the vehicle are manufactured using graphene which focuses on longer range, faster charging and a better battery life. EMotion will have a composite frame made of carbon fiber and aluminium which guarantees strength, specific stiffness, thermal expansion and corrosion resistance. There will be a large curved windscreen pushed forward and a very low bonnet. Rear features of the vehicle include integrated spoiler and aggressive functional diffuser for aerodynamics.

The EMotion will also feature newly-designed butterfly doors so that it becomes easy to get in and come out of the car. Entire interior compartment had been pushed forward and the wheelbase had been increased with short front and rear overhangs, thus increasing interior space. The company claims that there will be more rear leg space as compared to other luxury sedans. EMotion will allow fully automatic driving mode, also the seats will have access to screens along with infotainment features. The headlights are full LED and the small trapezoid above the license plate holder is meant for radar and camera. It will have aggressive look from the front,followed by four gullwing doors. The side profile of the car is unique with no visible door handles and strong fender lines.

EMotion is trying to compete with Tesla Model S and Mercedes new EQ sub-brand. The car will be shown in public sometime in the next year till then no other details can be revealed. A second model might follow after EMotion is launched in the market. Fisker had also launched an electric car in 2011 called Karma but it proved to be a failure and was called back. Let’s hopes this car will be hit in the market since it is loaded with much more innovative technology.