Chevrolet Bolt EV is ready for launch as General Motors have started to ramp up production of this fully electric car with no tailpipe and thus, no vehicular emissions at all. It is the supposed to be the first mass priced car which will deliver more than 200 miles of range with highest energy efficiency of any car sold in US. But it is certain that the first Chevrolet Bolt EVs will be sold in California.

Chevrolet Bolt EV is quick on its feet and a fun to drive, it offers dashboard with a fully clustered 8 inch digital Apple Car Play instrument behind the steering wheel and also touch screen display of 10.2 inch Android Auto and 4 G LTE Wi-Fi, fulfils all your driving needs from using your iPhone to navigate with Google Maps and a lot more.

Chevrolet EV is equipped with technology to make driving safer, the number of ingenious radar along with camera based systems in the new digital rear view mirror designed around the vehicle, makes it good enough to compete with Tesla and give a run for its money. The 200 hp electric motor makes it easy on rough roads with great acceleration giving 60 mph in 6.5 seconds.When it comes to charging, there are plenty of charging options along with personalized settings, so that you can customize your charging times and locations according to your convenience.

The base price of Chevrolet Bolt EV five door hatch-backs is $30,000 before incentives, its attractive interior with comfortable seats and Hi Tech but legible displays are startling large. Its reasonable price, impressive driving manners are surely to pave way for the rest of the auto industry. Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf are also around the corner in 2017, but Chevy Bolt EV leaps to be the first, beating in range for dollars, promising to be a compact crossover well designed front wheel drive.


 VEHICLE TYPE: front-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door hatchback
Power: 200 hp/150 kW
Torque: (lb-ft / Nm) 266 lb.ft./360 Nm
Final drive ratio (:1): 7.05:1
Passenger volume: 94 cu ft
Width- Height 69.5 : 62.8 in
PRICE AS TESTED: $43,905 (base price: $37,495)
TRANSMISSION 1-speed direct drive