Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 2018 is all set to make its global debut in 2017, in New York Auto Show in the month of April, as announced by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV brand on Thursday.

Twelve video teasers reveal that the Demon is packed with very wide tires, a wide body kit and all- wheel- drive with 707 horse power from 6.2 liters blown HEMI V 8, the Demon is raising the bar again.Dodge says the Challenger Demon will be the performance halo car, no announcement has made yet on numbers yet, we expect the new model’s output to eclipse the Challenger Hellcat’s 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque.

Challenger Demon will be brand’s performance halo car according to Dodge, hinting what it has done to adjust the interior construction, brakes, steering, suspension and components, can be seen from the video released. With 20×9.5-inch alloys, the hood bulge is larger to accommodate a bigger super charger. It is expected to have lightweight materials, chassis reinforcement and fewer trimmings also inside Demon’s cabin.The company claims that the Demon will weigh more than 200 pounds less than the Challenger Hellcat.

A drag racing warrior Dodge Challenger was previously supposed to be called ADR (American Drag Racer) but, it is not yet confirmed that it will go AWD. In North America, Kuniskis, head of Fiat Chrysler’s passenger car brands, has declined to provide specifics on the car, but the video titled “Reduction” reveals that Demon trims 200 pounds more from the curb weight of its Hellcat sibling.

Dodge had experienced 4 % decline in sales in US, but Demon can help to bring some momentum to Dodge. It is too early to speculate on Demon’s price and performance. Dodge will be releasing some more teaser videos revealing 2018 Challenger, so you have to keep an eye for the latest details.