Audi A1

The A2 model always appeared as little or nothing more than the finest Audi, the densest iteration of the brand’s ethos. In contrast to its rivals, it doesn’t bring anything fresh to the table. It really gave potential customers a great package to think about.

On the other hand, Audi is now screening the model’s future era, and even though the automobile is heavily camouflaged, there are many things that stand out immediately. Most importantly; its size 2018 A1 will be larger than the current model and is more cramped even than the Volkswagen Punta.

Apart from that, we can also spot the predictable design changes intended to bring the A2 in line with the rest of the modern Audi lineup. You acquired the hexagonal radiator bumper grille, the slimmer headlights, and the enlarged air grills at the front, and a pair of Evoque-esque taillights at the rear end.

Audi is rumored to forego the three-door version in favor of the five-door the one which carried the “Sport back” moniker. It is believed the German car maker might be planning a new vehicle that will slot under the A2, hence the increased size and more attention to the practical side.

The versatile MQB platform will underpin the new A2 about what is likely to be the smallest possible use of their talents. This means we can expect a whole range of engines varying from the 1.3-cylinder gasoline turbo device to 1.6-liter 4cyl TDI. 2. 0-liter motors could also be let in, so an RS1 version with the Golf GTI engine is usually on the cards.

Expect Audi to include a plug-in cross as well, even though there’s no word of any fully-electric version for the A1 just yet. The car will be put together at SEAT’s Martorell manufacturer in Spain and really should hit the market next year. Which, in the event that you’ve forgotten, is 2018?