Facebook is An app on which almost everybody is signed up on. This app is not just used for sending messages but also for sharing pictures and videos. We can share our moods, our status and what not. The status that we share on Facebook is often referred to as “What’s on our mind”. Well the actual meaning of this sentence is now into action. What’s actually going on with us can now be shared on Facebook at that very moment. Yes, Facebook now has a feature of sharing live video broadcasts. Facebook Live lets Facebook mobile users to air live video via the Facebook app on their android/IoS. While the broadcast in on run you can see the number of viewers, real time comments by the audience and names of your Facebook friends who are watching the live broadcast.

To share a live video of yours you can follow these simple steps:-

Step 1

Go to “What’s on your mind”

Step 2

Select the Live video icon.

Step 3

You can even write a caption for your video.

Step 4

Choose the type of audience you want for your live show (Public, Friends etc.)

Step 5

Click on Go live and Start your live broadcast.

Step 6

When you are over with it just click on Finish.


Your video can be maximum of 30 minutes.