The Android 7.1 Preview is currently designed for the Nexus 5X, 6P, and Pixel C. With Google customizing the program on the Cote, there have been some questions regarding what’s exclusive to the new cell phones and what features are an integral part of stock Android os.

After launching in the developer preview over a Nexus 5X, we’ve found some nice advancements to Android operating-system. Continue reading for our complete group of all the changes in Android os several. 1. 1. The preview is intended to test device-specific concern, with updates coming for other supported Nexus and Android One devices down the road.

Google records that users might face system instability and even more than expected power supply drain when these devices battery pack is low. There are also some freezing issues when participating in videos in multiple glass windows and changing the quantity level. Luckily for us, the Creator Critique is Compatibility Test Collection (CTS) approved and so Android operating-system Pay should work.

App Shortcuts

The most obvious feature of Android 7.1 is app shortcuts. At the brief moment, first-party Google tools will be the only ones to aid them. Accessible from software and launcher drawer, the techniques can be dragged away as specific home-screen device for more speed get sadly, they can’t be reordered.


Another major UX change in Android 7.1 are reworked Settings that add another toggle to the row Quick. The Rapid Toggles screen now includes a Settings shortcut and then to it a button that slide downs the entire panel.

GIF search in Messenger in Google Keyboard

Among the features in Android 7.1 is the inclusion of features like G-Board to android keyboards. Contrasting to iOS, image keyboards are allowed by using an apps-by-apps basis and require contractors to tell the main element pad that GIF entrance is supported.