santa trackers

Christmas is here and in the midst of all the celebration Google has a present to offer, on Friday Google added ‘Santa Tracker’ to the Google assistant.

Google has added ‘Santa Tracker’ to Google assistant  which can now track Santa, tell holiday jokes and spin the virtual dreidal for you.  You can ask questions like “where is Santa”, “Track Santa” also track the current location of your Christmas gift. The interesting thing is that all these results are displayed in textual form and not by maps and the location Santa like your Uber cab. It would be more fun on the Christmas eve for now it displays how Santa is preparing for its rounds. There are various interesting jokes added to the Assistant , when asked for a “Santa joke” it will play a random Santa related joke in Santa’s voice.

The feature is available only on Google Pixel devices with Google Assistant built in with Android. People with other devices will have to download Google Allo on their smartphones but only for a partial integration. Once you have it installed on your Smartphone on asking about Santa Claus Google assistant will show a “Play” button which will direct you to the official Santa Claus website where you can play games and enjoy the other features as well.

Google has also has something to offer to people who celebrate Hanukkah, where you can spin the dreidel. Similar to Google’s coin flipping feature , it will randomly pick from the four sides of the dreidal. The assistant will come with the result Nun, Gimel, Hey, or Shin every time you spin it also explains what it signifies in the game. All these features are same in all variations of Assistant like the Pixel’s version, Allo’s assistant and Google home only difference is that in Allo’s version there will only be a link to the Santa’s tracker site.