The Japanese tech giant Sony started the rollout of Android 6 Nougat concept to Xperia X about a week ago and promised users to keep the changes coming before the last version will be launched for the masses.

At present, that promise is to some extent fulfilled with the release of the first Google android 7.0 concept post on for the Xperia Back button. One of many new features and improvements included, Sony confirmed that the update adds the latest November security patch.

When you have been accepted into the beta program, we’re looking at firmware version 32. 1. A. 0.342, which is approximately 223MB in size. That’s not huge sized update, so it shouldn’t take too long to get.

According to Sony, the update includes a new Home that has some issues with icon packs, so if you have added an icon pack during the past you must remove it from your home settings. In order to do that, you must switch to default before updating to this version of Android 7 the Nougat version.

In conditions of new features, the post on adds X-reality support for pictures in Sony Recording app, as well as updated driver for the fingerprint sensor. New variations of Xperia Home and Transfer will be added too.

Some glitches present in the previous build have been tackled in the update, such as an issue with Radio along with Noise Canceling headset.  Additionally, there’s a known problem with the updated Xperia Home app and icon packs, and users should remove those packs from the Residence settings before they download the latest Concept upgrade. If you need to be on the innovative of software for the Xperia Back button, and you are in The European countries, you can get these “Concept for Android” revisions by downloading the Volvo Concept Installer software right now from the Play Store.