facebook account kit

In order to make logging into various apps on your Android smart phones faster and simple, Facebook has introduced a new feature called ‘Instant Verification’ to its developer Account Kit.

The developers account kit was launched by Facebook at its annual developer F8 conference earlier this year. As per the old process users had to enter a one-time password sent via text message or act on any push notification to get authenticated but with the new update in the kit users only have to remember their phone numbers which is a verified and registered number on their Facebook profiles.

Remembering lengthy passwords, waiting to receive the SMS for the on time password can be really painful specially for people having a weak SMS service. All this can lead to delay in the authentication process.

The new process is only work if the person is logged into the Facebook app on the same device. If there is a match, the verification will be complete without sending a one-time password via SMS, if not  the user will receive a one-time password via SMS or email to access the app instead. This could be blessing for Advertisers and developers who are looking to get users quickly signed up on their apps.

According to the initial testing by a group of developers the results are satisfactory. Facebook also claims a 97 percent conversion rate with the new process. One of the companies called Familonet which has developed an application that lets users share their locations with friends and family in real time, states that they have observed a 40% increase in registrations after implementing Instant Access and 5% of their customers already converted to the Instant verification method. It is also stated that the Instant verification is completely safe and in no case they will share any user data with the third party apps.