s65_1Mercedes- S class

German car maker Mercedes Benz has revised S-class and will be launching it in the third quarter of 2017. This is going to be more just sedan since Mercedes Benz planning to launch this range with driver assistance technology systems that will give it autonomous driving capabilities. The driver assistance systems include the Active Lane Change Assist, Active Emergency Stop Assist, Active Brake Assist and remote Parking assist functions.

The face lift will be also be loaded with new line OM 656 turbo diesel engine, which is going to be the most powerful passenger diesel car engine in the automakers history. It will have two-stage exhaust turbo charging and is expected to pump out 309 Bhp of power, a significant escalation from 254 Bhp OM 642 engine. The uplift will increase fuel efficiency by 7%.

The autonomous driving system will have active distance function uses the data provided by the digital mapping data to decrease speeds in stoops, at roundabouts and junctions stopping the car when required and then autonomously speeding up again when the road conditions and speed limit allows for it. Isn’t it is enriched development offered with edge technology.

Now you can choose your driving style from three modes via the S-class dynamic select system: For maximum saving fuel you can pick Eco mode, for more comfort and smooth drive choose from serene mode and speed mode for high acceleration and speed potential. Restricting speeds are also varied between these three modes.

Play easy S-class with the latest autonomous cruise control function that let you control your vehicle with all the efficient braking to ensure that one remains within it taking into account the speed limit accordingly. It also engages the coasting function during periods of trailing throttle.

Mercedes Benz S-Class is also with a revised Active Steering Assist function.  Hafner said that the software controlling the autonomous steering function has been extensively reworked, providing it with greater accuracy and improved fluidity.

Mercedes benz S-class will surly steal your heart in one with the advanced autonomous competencies will change the way you think of luxury. You can find current teaser is already building hype for the global unveil in the following time. The starting pricing is expected to be approx. 1.19 Crores. (Ex. showroom)